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Recent gratitudes:

     I was in charge of the monthly publish for August at my job. Aside from a little stress over changes with security resources, it went quite smoothly. I didn't get home until after 6, but it could have been worse. So far, no reports of anything breaking, whew!

     August has turned out to be rather cool, and a real treat to enjoy low humidity at the end of the week. Another side-effect from the amazing weather: the Minnesota State Fair for the first two days creamed the old attendance records. Wonderful!

     Good timing for me--in my pass 1 work, on Friday I reached the middle parts of Geren book 5 where I'm incapable of stopping. And I was able to dive in early enough in the evening that I didn't too badly mess up my bedtime. Pass 1 is past 60%. (And t'DoL and I are having a dispute because my knowledge of physics is likely quite inferior to his. Learning opportunity!)

     Thanks to it being cooler, I got back to the regional park Saturday morning for the first time since the middle of June. Enjoyed a nice hike and lovely views in the prairie areas in particular, thanks to the blessing of it being mostly cloudy. Autumn is coming, yay!

     I'm glad for Amazon Prime streaming that's provided me lots of 'Numbers' episodes to rewatch as my exercise bike fodder over the past weeks. Thanks to my decrepit memory, it's like seeing them for the first time all over again!
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