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Lots of joys lately:

     Thanks to another cool morning, I got out on my bike for more exploring Sunday before church. Checked out an area with some single-level townhouses, then biked over to some parks that I'm quite looking forward to visiting again. And I saw an albino squirrel!

     A big blessing and gift from God at the church service Sunday.

     Monday was special--the Towners and I went to the State Fair together. We picked the first Monday of the fair because that's when the Stock Dog trials take place. Thankfully, the rain held off until the afternoon, so the morning was cloudy and fantastic. I got some shopping done, and riding with Joe on the Sky Glider was another high point--haven't done that in years. Also grateful I brought along a change of clothes, socks, and shoes to the Towners' house, because I was quite soaked by the end of it.

     I should have mentioned this on my previous post, but I had another 'providential blunder' at work Friday. I grabbed some random pages that didn't have any private data on them to test a change I'm building, and thereby uncovered an issue that nobody was aware of. What a blessing!

     Got together for lunch with my former boss and we had a good time, though half of it was spent talking about the State Fair. I'm very much looking forward to my return visit!
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