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Shouts · of · Joy

Glad to make it to another three day weekend!…

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Glad to make it to another three day weekend!

     So thankful to God that Hurricane Dorian largely 'side-stepped' Puerto Rico. They did not need another strike so soon after awful Maria.

     Lots of pastries at work Thursday, due to a part-time student leaving as she goes back to school. So that meant a lemon scone in the morning, a mini muffin mid-afternoon, and carrying off a very large delicious brownie to have for dessert Thursday and Friday. I do love brownies!

     It was cool enough this morning I had oatmeal for breakfast--the first time since the end of May. Wonderful!

     Very pleased with my progress on pass 1 in Geren book 5 rewrites. Approaching 90% already, and I only started on August 10th!
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