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Sundry joys and a big milestone:

     Tuesday I was blessed to receive the breakthrough I needed at work with a problem that had really been perplexing me. One project, three issues, all very different...and that morning I found that the same wrong setting created two of them. Hallelujah, I can take a break from beating my head against a wall!

     The interminable concrete project at the building where I live reached the point Friday afternoon where the only way in and out of my place was by ducking under caution tape and walking across a pair of boards to reach my garage. Haven't parked in the garage for over a month; haven't been able to have packages delivered to my door for a few weeks either. So what a joy on Tuesday to have the big cement pour in front of the garage finally take place, after so many delays. Thanks to the other cement pour happening last Friday, I can walk out my front door again! I can get packages again! I can have hope that I might get to park in my garage again before winter too!

     Another Tuesday treat was having dinner with the Towners at Hy-Vee, topped by some delicious mango key lime cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. A very nice evening.

     Blessed on Wednesday to succeed with a donation at the company blood drive.

     Finally, this week brings a big milestone for me. Unfortunately my 1999 journal was done on paper, so it's in a box somewhere waiting for when my new bookcase projects are complete. Otherwise I'd love to look up the entry for Sept 11-12, 1999. Because 20 years ago was when I moved out of my parents' house (along with my dog Holly) to a rental of my own in a fourplex-style apartment a few miles away. To my younger self, one of the primary reasons for 'growing up' was to have a place of my own. And the year 2000 bore it out, because once I had my own place, and my own desktop, I was able to finally start picking up steam with the Geren novels. Otherwise progress had been limited largely to when I was house-sitting away from home, or my parents were away on vacation. I am so blessed to live in a culture, and earn a large enough paycheck, that I can afford the privacy I need for my life's work and my well-being. Thank you, God!!!
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