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     Saturday morning, Cindy and I got together for a Costco run. Delighted to find some of the items on my list were on sale, and delighted to stock up for winter. It's a blessing to live so close.

     John Bevere of Messenger International was in Minnesota over the weekend, so I got out to hear him Saturday in person for my third time (first time this year). His books, podcasts, teachings, etc, have aided my spiritual life immensely since I was blessed to find out about him in 2015. I wasn't sure what he would speak on as he hasn't released a new book recently...but it felt like he picked the topic for me. Boy did I get nailed (by conviction)! It was really wonderful, as was the worship beforehand.

     Blessed that Sunday's weather was good enough I could make a lot of progress with my bookshelf project, catching up for the bad weather that kept me from doing anything during the workweek. And glad in general for any break from the rain.

     The return of sticky summer weather in mid-September was a perfect excuse for a final batch of cold emerald soup, and a final bunch of farmers' market corn on the cob, too!

     At work, the September publish Tuesday evening included implementing an idea of mine to automate an error process that has been particularly aggravating to handle manually. I've been looking forward to this!
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