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     Thursday was a great day. I took the day off work, and biked the Cannon Valley trail from Cannon Falls to Red Wing with Joe and Cindy--about 20 miles. We had two vehicles and three bikes and three people, and neither vehicle could carry three bikes. So sorting that out was like an SAT or GRE question! The trail itself was amazing: super level, well maintained, and straight, as it followed an old railway line. The landscape was gorgeous; there were clouds and plenty of dappled shade so the heat didn't bother me much. Afterward, Joe treated us to a fabulous lunch at the old St James Hotel, which I had never been in before. Good exercise, great company, lovely views--blessed day!

     I couldn't work on my bookcase project Saturday, as the dew point was a ghastly 70 and the temps not much higher. So I went out to the farmers market and did a little shopping instead. While waiting for the post office to open, I was delighted to find and buy a gorgeous fall tablecloth on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond.

     Sunday morning before church I finally got out for a walk that covered a small part of the rich neighborhood nearby that I really like, as well as some streets I hadn't been on before (which led to finding yet a few more single-level duplexes!). Set a good pace: did about 4 miles in an hour, and was glad to not bike because some areas are quite hilly. But I'd hardly even started when I got to see what must be the local neighborhood fox, hunting for breakfast. Also spotted a black squirrel later on, and getting to ogle so many exquisite houses made a gift in itself.

     On Sunday, finally finished staining the bookcase pieces! Next up is three layers of protective sealant, so who knows, I might get to actually start assembling it sometime in October!
Tags: bike errand, farmer's market, fox, furniture project, walking
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