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I survived the workweek! And I got paid at the end of it!

     Blessed by timing--the concrete crew made enough progress by my place that I could evacuate my garage from all my stain-project-in-progress mess and actually park inside for the first time since sometime in July. That was good as there was a tornado watch out that night, so I didn't have to worry about hail on the minivan.

     Blessed to find a large folding room divider at a very good price on Amazon. As it's too cool now for my portable air conditioner, and my neighbors like leaving their lights on all night, I need something to block the light coming through my window fan, and using my clothes drying rack with a light-block curtain draped over wasn't working well enough. This is much better, and I can use my clothes drying rack for clothes drying again!

     I love the fact that when I get a voicemail on my home phone, it sends me an email with a transcript. Impressed by how accurate the transcripts are too.

     My life is beset by construction lately. The concrete crew finally finishing working on my building to work on the next door one...just in time for the painting crew to come put plastic over the windows and work past 6 pm each night with noisy sanders and other equipment--and leave their tools and vehicles all over the place so I can't park in my garage or nearby on the street until quite late. No escape at work, either: they've been tearing up and renovating parts of the floor I work on. First the hallway walls, now the conference rooms and vending area. Plenty of racket from that too, and a very squeaky cart I yearn to violently assault with a can of WD-40. It's no fun having to hike across the floor to get ice water...but I'm very grateful they haven't closed off the bathrooms! And grateful they haven't sealed off my bedroom window at home yet either. It's gotta end someday, right?
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