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Glad to make it to the end of another tough workweek!

     I have three streptocarpus. Like me, they are not so fond of summer heat as African violets, so I wasn't sure if they would survive the summer at my place. I moved them down to a breakfast tray in the dining room by the patio door, so that they wouldn't be in the hot bedroom during the day. And they made it! Brought them back upstairs a couple weeks back and they are currently blooming up a storm.

     A blessing to be able to park in my garage a couple days this week, in perfect timing for days of cold clammy rain. So nice!

     My boss very kindly gave me a Freshii gift card (I got to choose the restaurant) as thanks for having to cover extra this week when she had to stay home due to a pet emergency. So nice of her, and I'm looking forward to a delicious lunch!

     Despite my bookcase project devouring way too much of my weekends, I'm happy with the Geren book 5 pass 2 progress I've managed to squeeze in. Still on track to finish pass 2 before my vacation, whoot!
Tags: book 5: editing, flowers, freebie, freshii, job: boss s, photos
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