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Recent blessings:

     I have a renewed gratitude and appreciation for my lactose pills after I messed up and only took one instead of three with my dinner Saturday. Stomachache, lots of trips to the toilet, and lots of weird noises coming from my internal plumbing made me very grateful I don't deal with that on a regular basis!

     At the bus stop Monday morning, it was clear enough and dark enough that I was able to spot Orion and the Winter Triangle for the first time in months. Neat!

     Glad to make it through Monday without pulling out all my hair. Both of my teammates called in sick, and of course various things went wrong. Grateful I could still leave at 4, then sign-in from home at 7:30 to find the system working again and clean up some of the mess.

     After weeks of being too busy with my bookcase project, I finally got to make some art progress over the weekend. Had to change my goal because I'm short on time, but pleased by how it's coming along.

     A nice get-together with goodies Tuesday morning to celebrate my boss's 10th year service anniversary. How time flies!

     Dinner with the Towners at their place Tuesday evening. It was great, as well as fun to see Aaron's cat Teabuddy, who did not attack me. =)
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