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Delighted to make it to the weekend!

     I realized I'm blessed by the post office hours at the place where I pick up packages. Where I used to live, they closed at 5, so I could only pick up packages on Saturdays or be forced to leave work early. Here they're open until 6, and also much closer to where I live, so I have much more flexibility.

     At work, the second annual Benefits Fair took place on Thursday, so I got to have fun walking around with Dawn and picking up free stuff. Among that, a fun plastic house full of company-branded green M&M-style candy, complete with an adorable little scoop for getting the candies out.

     Now that it's the dark half of the year again, I'm greatly enjoying having my two Starfire spheres set up in the living room. One on top of a bookcase, and the other on my side table by my chair.

     Also have to mention yet again my gratitude for my heating pad that I have used for many years and stuck in the microwave many hundreds of times.

     Had a scary defect get reported at work late on Thursday, and since it was tied to something very complicated that I built, I felt a lot of pressure to try to figure it out Friday, before I leave on my trip, to not saddle my teammates with it. God was very gracious because I managed to figure out what I broke and have it fixed in test by 10 am! That made for a huge load lifted.
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