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So glad to make it to a weekend!

     Been enjoying the electric log heater set I bought for my fireplace shortly before my vacation. For added realism, I got a fireplace sound effect MP3 track on Amazon for just a dollar, and it works great to play it on a small speaker.

     Pleased when I returned to work Monday that my employer had not run out of flu shots, so I was able to get one. A blessing to have it be free and so convenient.

     I'd been freezing in my bedroom with it in the upper 50s and my summer blanket too thin to keep me warm. When I got back from California, started using my old winter blanket from when I had my futon, and it's made a huge difference--back to t-shirt and shorts!

     Very nice to go from California gas prices running around $3.60 to $4, back to Minnesota gas prices of $2.35 - $2.60. MUCH better here!

     Beautiful views of the full moon Tuesday morning, and even lovelier Tuesday night, big and amber by the horizon when I spotted it on my way to the Towners.

     Great evening at the Towners Tuesday--nice timing to be able to show them my California trip photos so soon after that trip!

     Quite grateful for the time provided me during bus rides and lunch breaks, as that, along with some evening time, helped me get pass 3 of Geren book 5 up to the 2/3rds mark. Yay!
Tags: book 5: editing, freebie, skyscapes
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