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     Saturday I managed to hang a curtain in the middle of my stairway without falling down the stairs. It's made a huge difference, because now I can warm up the living room and not have all the heat promptly run upstairs and hang out by the ceiling. Also wonderful that I'm just reusing curtains and tension rods I've had for years--no expense required.

     Also on Saturday, a special outing to Grace English's 100th birthday party, as my mom wanted me to represent her. I can't imagine 100th birthday parties are all that common; I'm happy I could get some photos of Grace and the slideshow her children did. And blessed to meet Linda there, so we each had somebody we knew well to talk to!

     I had a fantastic time on my exercise bike on Sunday. That's because I found a movie on Amazon Prime streaming that was perfect--the kind where I have a pint of adrenaline in my blood by the end because it got so suspenseful. Really, really enjoyed watching The Next Three Days.

     Geren book 5 pass 3 work is at 85%! God willing, maybe I can get into pass 4 this weekend!
Tags: book 5: editing, exercise bike, movies, varnemar
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