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Thanksgiving week thankfulness:

     Got together with my former boss for lunch on Tuesday. A good time, but also amusing, because when we weren't talking movies, a fair bit of our conversation could be summed up as 'why nobody in their right mind should live in California'!

     The Towners kindly gave me a cactus in the Schlumbergera genus early this year. I thought it was a Christmas cactus, but it declared it was a Thanksgiving cactus, as it started blooming the day before Thanksgiving. I am certainly not complaining!

     As usual, I feel behind with everything. No new Thanksgiving post this year, or t'DoL's birthday post, or anything like that. But at least I managed some updates to my 2013 Thanksgiving music post, so that's something!

     Got an email from the local Christian radio station Thanksgiving morning thanking all those who listen and support it...and that reminded me to be thankful for it! I certainly am, it just gets forgotten when I daily (or multiple times a day) rehearse gratitudes to God. Glad for the memory jog! I've been so blessed by so many songs I've heard there over the decades, that's for certain.

     And, of course, Thanksgiving itself. Wonderful, though I certainly ate way too much. I am so thankful for the blessing of such a long-standing tradition that has gone on most of my life: in younger years my parents and the Towners would take turns at who hosted Thanksgiving and who came and brought food. Now that they're gone, the Towners have so kindly included me every year that I'm in Minnesota. What a blessing to enjoy, made even more sweet as I wasn't sure it would still be happening with the health challenges of late. Thank you, God!
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