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Weekend blessings:

     Two days in a row of delightful sunsets. On Friday while on the bus, got to see a vivid sun pillar that was some color between orange and magenta. Then on Saturday another fantastic sunset I rushed outside to take photos of. Quite a treat!

     Blessed to find that I already had two butterfly 3d models, so I only wound up spending $2 on a third for my single-page calendar project. Also blessed to find free images on the internet that I could use for the models. Also thankful to God for the idea to add the butterflies in the first place!

     Sometimes my desktop Quartus really impresses me. Like when I try to add the butterflies to the scene and it puts in over 300,000 without even blinking. Tertius would have been staggering around screaming warnings for certain!

     Delighted to enjoy the gift of my wonderful mother's delicious apple bread.

     I had to buy new Christmas tree lights this year, as I haven't had a tree since 2011 and all my prior lights either broke or got thrown out with moving. So the last week has been occupied with the fun of switching the bulbs around so each strand combines green, red, and gold. (Of course the bulb sockets were not interchangeable, so every bulb had to be pulled out of its socket.) Glad to be finished, and that I only smashed two bulbs by accident--the same number as the spares. Hopefully soon I can saver the fruits of that labor.

     The expected snow started later than forecasted, so I didn't have to get out early for shoveling Monday morning, or take an earlier bus. Always a treat to have some extra time to use for catching up on something else!

     Fourth night of blowing past my bedtime but I'm so glad I finally made it to the finish line with my 2020 single-page calendar project! What a relief!
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