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I'm grateful for this weekend's blessings:

     I was looking over lovely Hope's Passage feedback on Friday and that triggered a memory of an unwritten story I'd completely forgotten from my lists. So Saturday I hashed out the date and added it to my 'what's cooking' post, bringing my total 'pots' there up to 18. I'm delighted because it's working as I hoped: if it weren't for that, I wouldn't realize that I'd been on the verge of forgetting that particular tale after a near-decade of it fumbling around in my skull. Makes me wonder what else is buried in that morass!

     And I was so blessed by wonderful Shanra rereading the tale of that troublemaker Horanu and my Apple-grower story. She is priceless! (Now if she'd only finish Tides so I can return the kindness! ;)

     I am very grateful for the difference the neem oil I got off eBay has made for my garden (I did my second application Saturday evening). If it weren't for that, the grasshoppers would have killed all my browallias by now, and the petunias would be little better off. As it is, my petunias have quite recovered, and if the browallias look a little frail--well, at least they're heading in the right direction. And I'm extremely grateful for God-made insecticides that mean I don't have to use the nasty chemical man-made ones (or refrain and let my garden die). *cheers*

     I'm pleased I got myself into Poser and Vue today, even if it was just to make the simplest of temporary illustrations for my Triune books page. Heading in the right direction!

     Lastly, I'm delighted to be able to buy itty-bitty spiral fluorescent bulbs that I can fit in both my art table lamp and other clip lamp. Now I can work on my craft painting with 'cool' illumination instead of feeling like I'm out to scald myself!
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