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Workweek delights:

     Enjoyed watching part of my employer's holiday concert during lunch on Thursday. Somebody played what looked like either a baritone or a euphonium--whatever it was, sounded marvelous, and the choir songs were fun also.

     Thursday evening brought my church group's holiday party, which was a lot of fun and food and goodies, as ever. Stayed too late, too!

     While I was running around Kowalski's trying to find something to bring to that party, I was blessed and delighted to find a whole display of Sprecher soda! I'd tried to buy some Sprecher root beer a week or so prier and been really disappointed to not find any...well, this time they had not only root beer, but cream soda, orange creme, and others as well! Since I already have a stockpile of cream soda, very happy to get root beer and orange creme and now I have enough to last until spring!

     Friday was wonderful because I brought gifts to work, and Tammy, Sarah, Nancy, and Dawn all really enjoyed their gifts!

     So grateful for answered prayer, because after multiple delays and then getting lost in the mail, the package with my single-page calendars for 2020 FINALLY arrived. What a relief!
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