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A wide array of blessings:

     Really blessed Friday evening because the movie I chose to watch on Amazon streaming was An Inspector Calls, and it was the most amazing movie I have seen in quite some time. Unfortunately it hasn't been released in region 1, or I'd buy it for certain.

     Etsy and eBay started charging local sales tax in 2019! This delighted me when I started working early to calculate Use Tax for the year, because once combined with Amazon doing the same, not much is left for my online purchases. Over 90% is the hundreds of dollars in Use Tax to pay for thousands of dollars in professional editing costs, and I set up a budget for that. Happy day--since 2019 Use Tax is lower than expected, I can use some of that budget money for editing instead!

     So that ghastly ice storm Saturday meant I didn't get out to see the latest Star Wars movie until Sunday instead. But it was fun, especially the soundtrack!

     It being quite warm lately, and lots of rain Saturday night, meant that I was finally able to finish demolishing the ice mound in the parking lot that I have tried to chip away at over the past weeks. Just in time for the next snowfall, ha!

     A literal treat Monday morning with fresh fruit and goodies to celebrate Nancy's 20th service anniverary at work. Quite enjoyed that time.
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