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     Signed up for vision coverage last fall, which went into effect Jan 1. Blessed to have that option, and a great eye clinic a mile from home that I can walk to. Now it's just waiting on the computer glasses to help with the astigmatism in my right eye...yes, I'm finally joining the bespectacled world. Almost made it to 45!

     A great lunch with the Towners at Poppin Fresh (aka Bakers Square) Saturday while the minivan had regular maintenance.

     Also on Saturday, I finished pass 5 with Geren book 5 edits, and on Monday started pass 6, the last one before I hand it over to my editor!

     Sunday afternoon, Cindy and I went for a walk along the Mississippi River in her neighborhood. Though gloomy, it was 20s and no wind, which made it nicer. We had a good time, and enjoyed seeing two big eagle nests, along with two eagles sitting in a tree and making noise at times. The drive to her place from mine where I live now isn't that bad either.
Tags: birds: eagles, book 5: editing, walking
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