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Recent blessings:

     It took hours of work on Saturday, but I finished preparing the fifth Geren novel and sent it off to my editor! It will feel strange to not work on it for a bit, and it will feel very nice to have more time for reading.

     Also on Saturday, did my taxes and I'm happy with the size of my refund. Thank you, God!

     Sunday afternoon was special, because I went with Cindy to the Landscape Arboretum. They had a beautiful spring flower show, and an indoor farmers market, but the reason we were there was for snowshoeing. It was my first time, and aside from my hands freezing, it went very well. Also got to see some Trumpeter Swans in a small park near Shakopee, which was neat.

     Today is special because it makes the 27th anniversary of when I first 'met' t'DoL while working on that first illustration, way back in 1993. Don't really have time for celebrating today, but it was a treat to spend some time over the weekend reading book 4 and book 5 feedback from 2008 and later.
Tags: arboretum, beloved, birds: other, book 5: editing, freelance editor, moolah
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