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A payday Friday and a one day workweek--can't beat that!

     Blessed to have smooth travel to and from Florida for my trip to visit family. A direct flight is a blessing, and while it felt strange to have no editing to work on, hours of waiting in airports and sitting on planes was perfect for reading.

     It was neat to stay at my wonderful aunt's new place and be little over a mile from the beach--walking distance, even! The beach was great for walking and wading, a really nice area.

     Due to my vacation I missed the All Company meeting February 18, but thanks to Dawn at least I found out that PSP was higher than I'd hoped--7%! Nice to find that out on the trip, and then actually get the PSP two days after I returned home.

     Speaking of money, also blessed to get both my federal and state tax refunds already. Hallelujah, I can pay my editor!
Tags: job: other, moolah, vacation
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