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A treat to have a remarkably mild weekend!

     Cindy and I got to Costco at 9:33 Saturday when it opens at 9:30, and the place was already crazy. Glad we didn't come any later!

     After Costco, we went for a walk in a fairly new park I'd only been to once and Cindy hadn't seen at all. Walking was challenging with all the wet, trampled ice to get across, but it was great to be outside and the area is quite nice.

     While Saturday hit 50 or so, Sunday got close to 60. After church I stopped for a walk at the WMA near the river. That was also a challenge with ice, puddles, and mud, but a treat to see two pairs of trumpeter swans on the river.

     Sunday was warm enough I opened a window for a couple hours!

     I was behind on my work for my Friday due date, but Monday was what I needed to get caught up. Whew! Now the pressure goes down for a week or so.
Tags: birds: other, costco, job: work, walking
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