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Hurrah for a payday Friday the 13th!

     Tuesday evening I had my regular get-together with the Towners, but a little extra this time. That's because Aaron was there also, just about to head out to Ohio. We had a fabulous dinner at Angelina's, then I got to quickly show them my Florida photos. To bed quite late, but it was worth it.

     I was only able to shift my schedule about half an hour in advance of Daylight Savings, but once again the preparation paid off. Grateful for that!

     On Thursday got together for lunch with my former boss Sarah (now I have two former bosses to keep up with!) It was a good time and went fast, even if we did spend most of it talking about coronavirus.

     Because Pi Day itself falls on Saturday this year, our area celebrated instead 'Pi-day the 13th' on Friday. I brought in spinach pie as usual, and also enjoyed banana cream, some sort of caramel chocolate silk, and lemon meringue.
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