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There's always good stuff, even in the chaos!

     I watched Ford v Ferrari over the weekend, quite enjoyed it, and found it just fabulous for racking up miles on the exercise bike!

     Figured out that the issues with wi-fi at home on Starfish were caused by Windows trying to download a large update, and nothing worse.

     Delighted to succeed at a blood donation after work on Monday, as I hadn't planned far enough in advance to take iron supplements as long as I usually do. I'm glad I was able to give before restrictions get any crazier.

     Monday brought another blessing in the form of my fabulous editor getting back to me with the fifth and final Geren novel. Now I get to work through all her feedback and figure out what to clarify or change as I get into the final editing sweep. Hurrah!

     Current events remind me of a line from a book I really like, spoken after a catastrophe hits. "The King still reigns." And always shall, regardless of what happens. None of this is a surprise to God!
Tags: book 5: editing, donations, movies, starfish
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