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Recent blessings:

     Over the weekend, set up for working from home, which I hope to do two days a week. Blessed that I had a spare desk, along with keyboard, monitor, and mouse to connect to my work laptop, which will make it much easier.

     I'm glad I was able to get craft supplies the prior weekend before most stores shut down. Because this weekend I kicked off painting a bookcase for the guest bedroom, and I have a list of other smaller paint projects after that to keep me occupied until it gets warm enough for staining projects.

     Blessed that I could buy some cheap speakers with Amazon credit card points, so for my second Sunday of church livestreaming, I didn't have to use earbuds.

     Aside from free parking in the company ramp (first come, first served) my employer is also giving away free food items (individually packaged or wrapped) in the company cafeteria. I guess we're down to 150-200 people showing up from 1,800 or whatever it used to be. Crazy days!

     It may please a certain reader of this blog to know what I learned today. Just as my department--the people I support--are considered business critical to my employer, so we must keep also my employer is considered business critical by the national government, so any shelter in place is highly unlikely to affect them. I had started wondering over the past few days...but no rest in my immediate future!
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