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Wow, what a week! I'm grateful for a payday Friday at last.

     Thankfully my teammate and I were able to finish setting up the new emergency scanners at the fallback location on Tuesday--two full days were enough. Hopefully we will not need to return anytime soon. (How dumpy that place is also reminded me how nice I have it at the office in comparison!)

     I tried working from home Wednesday but discovered my desk location is not ideal for good wi-fi speed. Ran some speed tests and decided a very long Ethernet cord is best. But when I got on Amazon they said I'd get it END of APRIL. Walmart was only a few weeks better. Thank God for eBay! I should get it Monday and be ready for the next time I work from home. (So my teammate got to enjoy an extra work from home day Friday on that account.)

     My realizing I should evacuate my plants at work led to reminding somebody else who has a lot of plants, so she was able to drive in and rescue them the last day before getting into the office requires presenting "papers" at a "checkpoint." (Special letter to show the security guards--life is nuts!)

     Got gas for $1.50 Thursday morning! Makes me wish I could stockpile THAT.

     A real treat this morning at the bus stop to hear chickadees, cardinals, red-winged blackbirds, and robins. Spring is coming! Spring always comes, no matter what (Genesis 8:22).
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