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Made it to another Friday!

     When I stopped at a garden center to buy a gift for a friend last weekend, I was startled to be offered a free Easter lily. That's bittersweet, because of course they have too many with few or no church sanctuaries to decorate this year. But it's neat to have one! The first flower opened Thursday and more are coming. It smells lovely.

     I'm really pleased with how my church is being active and creative during this time. They did a blood drive, they switched their food distribution to 'drive up', set up an online prayer wall, and of course record/stream their Sunday and Wednesday messages, along with a different staff member doing a daily audio devotional recording for the Bible reading plan, which I'm enjoying following along with.

     The long Ethernet cable I ordered was delivered Monday and made a BIG difference for working from home, which I got to do on Wednesday and Friday this week. Hurrah!

     The ground is starting to green, while the ugly dirty snowdrifts are nearly all gone. So that meant that on my days working downtown and driving home from the park and ride afterward, I've resumed taking detours through the gorgeous rich neighborhood; a different route each time. It's been a blessing from heaven to savor such beautiful architecture and a wonderful way to de-stress after the grueling work day.
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