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     On Sunday afternoon, Cindy and I met up at a nearby regional park for a nice 'socially distant' walk. It felt like half the county was also there, but I know the paths that are less busy. It was really neat to hear so many calling frogs around the ponds: spring peepers and wood frogs--the latter sound like a horde of quacking ducks! Also got to see two muskrats. With it sunny and close to 60, the skies blue and the lakes even bluer, we had a great time.

     Tuesday it got to almost 70, so even more families, dog walkers, bikers, couples on the paths as I drove home from the park and ride. If we have to be restricted, at least we've been blessed the weather has been good and this didn't happen in January!

     My free Easter lily now has three blooms open.

     It was warm enough to have the window open part of the morning as I worked from home. Delighted to hear various birds: robins, cardinals, crows, blue jays, chickadees, and also the first house finch songs of the season.
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