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Humor and blessings:

     Blessed to get a box of goodies from my wonderful mother on Good Friday. I will be savoring that for a while!

     When I did my food shopping, I was very pleased and relieved to find TOILET PAPER! I haven't seen any for sale since I got back from Florida in late February. I was down to around 2.5 rolls; now I'm set for a while.

     Got gas at Costco for only $1.30. Wowza!

     Toilet paper and gas prices and this coronavirus pandemic make this headline even more hilarious: Stephen King is sorry you feel like you're stuck in a Stephen King novel!

     I got out to the more remote regional park Saturday morning, when it was somewhat sunny and approaching 50, before the Easter storm comes in. The parking lot was busier than I've ever seen it, but it's a very big park. Really blessed on my walk. Saw my first flicker, vulture, and bluebird for 2020, heard my first field sparrows. Got photos of a kingfisher, some coots, and duffleheads (a type of duck), and was really blessed to see my first (ever) ring-necked ducks, too! Then, if all that wasn't blessing enough, three birds soaring high above turned out to be sandhill cranes! So while I didn't spot any of the spring ephemerals I was hoping for, I sure had a wonderful walk regardless.
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