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     Found a bag of Easter candy on my doorknob from the landlady Monday...jellybeans, and marshmallow chocolates, and coconut chocolates, and more, what fun!

     Happiness is a new batch of homemade granola to enjoy for breakfast and to share with my coworker Nancy and the Towners. I ran out of my previous batch at the end of January so I'm quite enjoying this!

     I heard back from my editor with the answers to my questions mid-week, which was perfect timing as I have a four day weekend this weekend. (I'm taking off a couple days for a sanity break, and because my trip to California isn't happening.)

     Happiness is finding money from Uncle Sam in my checking account! I hardly expected my rule for 'unexpected 4-figure windfall' would come true this year (or any year). But that means giving away 50%, so if somebody has a non-profit to recommend during this worldwide pandemic, please let me know. It's hard to decide when the need is so great and so...everywhere.

     Friday after working from home, I met up with the Towners at a park for a 'socially distant' picnic with takeout. It was a bit cold since it was below 50--I'm glad I brought a blanket! But it was great to see them again since we couldn't get together for Easter. Now to find out how many months meeting in parks will be needed!
Tags: book 5: editing, freebie, freelance editor, homemade granola, moolah, socially distant picnic
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