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Long weekend joys:

     Blessed to be able to get out for walks on three of the four days I had off. (Visit my other journal for some of the great birds I got to see.)

     Monday brought some rain, but that also included seeing my first rainbow for the year. I used that time to make good progress on two craft projects and listen to podcasts too.

     I finally thawed out the portion of homemade cheesecake my wonderful aunt sent from Florida with me, so that made for a fabulous treat each night of my long weekend.

     Planted some morning glory seeds and was delighted to discover that I have plenty of planting supplies for this year's garden, due to the concrete project last year keeping me from growing as much as I'd planned. Now I get to reap the benefit!

     Made some decent progress with book 5 revisions over a couple evenings.

     A definite highlight was getting together with Cindy for another 'socially distant' walk. We hiked in Afton State Park, which I haven't been to in years, since I keep moving further away from it. Neat to spot a bird on the St Croix I later discovered was an immature common loon. We also saw some hepaticas blooming, and got to hear at least two meadowlarks singing. It was a great time.
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