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Recent blessings:

     I've been entertaining myself noticing the various bad habits this whole pandemic quarantine fallout has been starting for me. For one, not having to fly out of bed at 4:30 am on weekdays. Another is after taking forever to build the habit of remembering to bring in my reusable bags when I'm shopping, now I get to tear it down again. The one that might get me in trouble later is all this getting on and off buses and not paying. Craziness!

     The approach of summer means the annual war with my seasonal depression starts ramping up. So I was blessed to find out a few weeks back that the box for a guest bedroom mattress, once cut open, is the same size as my bedroom window (or nearly). I bought cheap paint and painted one side white, found a clip to hold it shut in the daytime, discovered my longest tension rod can be adjusted to pin it in the window at night. Now I just need to trim the rough edges, cut the opening panels for the window fan and portable air conditioner, then add handles and velcro latches--and all with very little expense, thank God!

     Watched A Monster Calls for the second time as exercise fodder this weekend, and so grateful I bought it. Such a gorgeous, sad movie, needing plenty of tissues!

     Telling a coworker about my 'socially distant' walks and picnic was the idea she needed to end her exile from seeing her young grandson. They got together for a 'socially distant' picnic outside during the weekend, making everybody happy!

     More progress with Geren book 5 revisions on the weekend. Far enough along I can finally kick off the pass 7 read-through, hurrah!
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