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Recent blessings:

     I'm probably forming another bad habit I forgot to mention last time--free lunches at work when I'm in the office means I'll likely forget to pack my lunch at least once or twice after life gets more normal again. Those free lunches have certainly been nice!

     Watched an interesting Zoom meeting a week ago through a work resource group. A former nuclear submarine officer explained techniques used for surviving on a cramped sub for weeks and months with the same people and little outside contact, that can readily apply in the current situation. Very interesting!

     My morning glory sprouts are looking good. It's nice to have an east-facing patio door to put them by, and on work from home days or weekends, I can put them outside when it's warmer, too.

     I had a small revelation during my 'parable walk' on Sunday (more on that in my photos post). As for many people, the white patterns on the young leaves of Virginia waterleaf (Hydrophyllum virginianum) delights me every spring. What I discovered was that the pattern was caused by guttation, creating literal stains on each young leaf. My mind was blown, as none of my flower guides ever mentioned that. Such a creative way for a plant to 'paint itself'; as ever, God's creativity rocks!

     These last weeks have felt like a flavor of solitary confinement, for while my setting changes, either working downtown or at home I have nobody regularly working around me. This makes me very grateful for the few reprieves I have received. Socially distant walks with Cindy being the biggest--we've done three of them now. But I also had a socially distant lunch with some people from my church group on Wednesday, some of whom I haven't seen in months. I am grateful for God's blessings that help me stay sane in what can feel like an unending dungeon!
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