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Recent blessings:

     I'm just loving the new salad that started being offered at the cafeteria at work in the last week. It's called 'Strawberry Fields Forever' and it has sliced fresh strawberries, walnuts, onions, blue cheese, and poppy seed vinaigrette dressing over mixed greens. Can't beat that for a delicious free salad!

     The feelings of indefinite solitary confinement I mentioned in my last post were interrupted Tuesday by two blessings from heaven. Dawn and I wound up eating lunch together since Mark was off and our schedules meshed. So we got opposite ends of a long table in a big conference room and had a delightful free lunch.

     My second reprieve was in getting together with the Towners for our second 'socially distant picnic.' This time at the regional park near me, which they don't remember visiting before. A nice picnic meal of subs, and then a nice stroll on the paved walk around the lake with the boardwalk too. We saw a lot of painted turtles sunning, some wildflowers, and the oaks were leafing out. Sunlight, 60, almost no wind and spring greens everywhere made for a wonderful stroll. (Neat to hear the creative way they celebrated Mother's Day in the garage with socially distant tables so they could see some family!)

     Happy to have a three day weekend coming up, especially as my Friday off might be the only day of the three with nice weather!
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