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     Watching the eight episodes of The Chosen season 1 made for the best exercise entertainment I've enjoyed in a while! Now I get to join the loads of people waiting impatiently for season 2.

     It has been a blessing to have a long spring in Minnesota this year, especially this year. I'm very grateful for the number of times I was able to get out for walks.

     Speaking of walks, Cindy and I did another 'socially distant hike' on Friday morning. Glad I took the day off, as the weather was superb and the scenery was delightful. We got to see a Rufous-sided Towhee, and near the end of our walk a painted turtle family reunion in which nobody was abiding by social distancing--over thirty of them! (Hopefully I can get some photos up soon.) Oh yes, can't forget the new wildflower. I've seen the big yellow bellworts before, but this walk brought my first time seeing a sessile-leaf bellwort. Gorgeous!

     Not only did the rain hold off, the clouds briefly did also, which meant my early morning walk at the NWR near my church was sunny, beautiful, and so full of birds I couldn't move without seeing or hearing another one! I walked an area I'd never been to before, but I certainly plan to visit again, many times if possible. (Then I went to Gerten's for garden shopping, got there at 8:05 when it opens at 8, and found 90% of the parking full, people parking along the street, and pretty much half the county there!)

     Book 5 pass 7 review is at 75%. God willing, maybe I can wrap it up on Memorial Day weekend!
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