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Work week highlights:

     Thanks to finding out about it through NextDoor, I visited a new Mexican take-and-bake on the weekend and brought home lots of food that fed me through Wednesday. I'm looking forward to trying out more tasty options on a return visit!

     Since I worked from home Monday this week, I used my lunch break to visit a small nearby nursery I hadn't gotten to yet. It was amazing! It had the browallia I hadn't been able to find anywhere, and the unique variety of thunbergia also--if I'd only known, I'd have saved $10 over buying one on eBay! And they had purslane! Any nursery that has purslane (and not just portulaca) has my instant affection. The place so impressed me that I know long trips to visit the nurseries up near Stillwater are now an event of the past, as I have two great options just within a few miles. What a blessing!

     Another undeniable blessing of working from home is being able to get out at 6 am for quick errands--because that's the time when the Costco gas station opens, as well as Home Depot, and they're pretty near each other. Works great and avoids the crowds!

     My employer is back on the Fortune 500 list, after narrowly missing it last year. This year in particular, I am very blessed to work where I do. Thank you, God!

     I found out a week or so past that Freshii in the skyway system is actually open, and for long hours, too! Just my excuse to pick up dinner there on Thursday. Since they're one of my favorite places, that might become a tradition...

     Hurrah for another three-day weekend!
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