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So grateful for a weekend after this week in particular.

     Blessed by a break in the ugly weather Sunday afternoon, because that's when I went on a bike ride near Joe's home with him, Cindy, and Mike. He was gentle with us--just 15.9 miles (that way we'll bike with him again!). It was very nice, his route was great, the views were lovely, and the horde of goats in the regional park clearing out invasive undergrowth was a fun treat. Had a sort of picnic dinner sitting out in the Towners' driveway afterward which was great too.

     The repainted trellis is up, the garden is planted (except for two late plants I'm waiting on being delivered), the bills are paid, and I'm finally starting to feel less buried. Very glad for that!

     Another reason I feel less buried is that book 5 rewrites and edits are DONE! Put up my announcement post Tuesday and enjoyed a little reprieve before I start back in Geren book 1.

     Very grateful for God's provision Thursday. I was at work when the company intercom came on at 1:59 to tell us the buildings were closing at 2:00 due to civil unrest...and that buses were not running. Since I take the bus to work, that was a problem! I'm so glad I remembered my failure from the last time the intercom came on for an emergency, and this time I prayed first and kept praying and asked my mom for prayer too. Then walked out of downtown to Boca Chica where I was blessed that the Towners were willing to come pick me up...except poor Mary had a blackout when they were headed out the door to help me. So I'm very grateful for their friends! They helped me move a year ago and this time Lance drove me from Boca Chica to the park and ride. Also very grateful Mary did not have to go to ER this time.

     More gratitudes: First, I did not have to work downtown today. Also, that Linda was safe last night, and Nancy was safe, and Nancy's daughter. And grateful that I live in the outer suburbs! And that God sent me a dream April 14 as a warning so I would not get complacent. (And after scouring my journals and beginning to doubt my sanity, I found the nightmare I had about riots and the buses shutting down and being trapped was way back in February of 2009. I should have written down more details, but I had no trouble at all remembering it clearly the first few years!)
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