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Though every day since May 28 has felt at times like a battle against some sort of nervous breakdown, every day has also brought blessings:

     The weather on the weekend was fantastic! Highs in the 60s and 70s, low humidity, light wind and plenty of sunlight. Quite a gift after the unpleasant weather for most of the Memorial Day weekend.

     I couldn't pass up that chance for some last hikes before ghastly summer heat and humidity rolls in. On Saturday morning, a return visit to the NWR, with more flooding fun and the area I wanted to hike unreachable, but the small loop I could walk was wonderful for spring wildflowers. Sunday was even better, as I hiked in the regional park, and finally made it through the entire trail that was closed all of last year. Saw two cranes on my return, and was hugely blessed by the shocking sight of an adult common loon diving for fish on one of the lakes. Can't forget loads of lupines and another bluebird photo.

     This time of year always reminds me to be thankful for air conditioning--in vehicles, in homes and workplaces, and especially for my portable AC in my bedroom!

     If I must drive to work on my days in the office instead of taking the bus, at least I enjoy the blessing of free parking in a climate-controlled ramp. That's especially nice when it's near 90 out.

     Potentially severe storms were expected Tuesday, with a good chance of hail. So I'm very grateful I could get home before they started, and evacuate most of my garden into the garage using my four-wheel dolly, which is wonderful for rolling large flowerpots around. Best of all, there was no hail, so the plants I couldn't bring in were not damaged. Thank you, God!

     My employer has been forced to shut down their buildings early this week two days in a row due to current events. I really needed to be onsite for work I can't do at home, so I'm glad I was able to get there at 6:30 am Thursday and squeeze in what I needed, then leave a few minutes before everything closed at noon to beat the line leaving the parking ramp.
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