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     Apparently, Friday was National Doughnut Day. So that was my excuse to grab some that evening with my regular food shopping. I've certainly been enjoying them!

     Saturday brought the first local Farmer's Market. The weather was nice, so I biked over there and bought asparagus and golden beets. I'm so glad Farmer's Markets are still happening despite the pandemic.

     Also on Saturday, the fun of seeing the Johnsons for the first time in a long, that we exchanged both belated Christmas gifts and birthday presents! A very nice time, and the weather was ideal for eating lunch out on the deck.

     Sunday morning, before the heat and humidity started rolling in, I went for a walk around the neighborhood and explored some streets I haven't been down yet...along with two different routes through the rich neighborhood which I also quite enjoyed. Such a great time of year to enjoy people's landscaping, and the peonies and irises are in full bloom now.

     I find it slightly ironic that about a week after finally getting my second bedroom looking like a bedroom I had to move out for working from home, as it is getting too hot up there. Now I'm in the dining room, with my pantry right behind me, and wondering how I'll fare working surrounded by food!
Tags: farmer's market, photos, varnemar, walking
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