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Glad to make it to the end of another very grueling and eventful work week!

     A special lunch at work Tuesday, as it combined a very belated celebration for my former boss, a celebration of another supervisor's 45th service anniversary, and also welcoming her replacement. A few watched via Zoom, but a bunch of us got to eat well separated in a big conference room. My manager's icebreaker question about 'first or worst' job led to a lot of fun stories.

     Also on Tuesday, dinner with the Towners. Because it was a rainy day, we met at their place. That meant I got to see their almost-completed deck! Amazing, after so many years of the dining room patio door looking out over empty air. It was a nice time that went too fast.

     A big surprise Thursday during the weekly Zoom meeting with the company CEO and HR head. They announced a very gradual return-to-work-downtown schedule. And because it's been so long and will be months longer for most people, they also announced a $500 stipend for everyone to get better office furniture for work-from-home! That made me so glad I hadn't bought a new office chair to replace my falling apart 19-year-old one yet, as now I can get one that's better quality. What a blessing!

     To my astonishment, some of my morning glories have started blooming already. I knew that 'Grandpa Ott' (dark purple flowers) is not nearly as fussy as 'Heavenly Blue' (what I usually grow) but the plants are hardly more than two feet tall!
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