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     The weather on Saturday was fantastic! Cindy and I got out for another walk, and though we didn't see anything more dramatic than a single swan, a beaver lodge, and a snapping turtle digging a hole to lay her eggs, we still have a great time. Lots of wildflowers blooming all over--saw some wild irises and a whole bunch of wild roses.

     Oh yes, can't forget what happened earlier that same morning. I checked the radar, was startled to see rain over my area even though there was sunlight outside, then put two and two together and rushed out the door to enjoy a morning rainbow. Been a while since I've seen one!

     Back to the office Monday, and delighted to have the ice machine and vending machines working again, along with the vents in the bathroom, after those all being out of power for a few days following last week's big electrical fire.

     My first sweep through my first Geren book is already past 80%. It's been a challenge with so much upheaval to my schedule of late, so I'm glad I'm doing as well as I am.

     Glad to have a workday under 11 hours today. I was in charge of the big publish and I was able to finish and head home before 6. Not only that, but it was my excuse to treat myself to dinner from Freshii (third time's the charm with trying to pick up food there) and nothing has blown up yet! Also grateful the biggest part of the changes won't go into effect until next week at the earliest.
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