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Highlights of my five-day weekend:

     On Friday, I went for an 11.5 mile bike ride around Hastings with Cindy, Mike, and Joe. It was a lot of fun, and neat to see a barge in the Mississippi Lock & Dam 2, the waterfall and gorge on the Vermillion River, pelicans and vultures down by the river, and the town in general. The weather was fantastic and then we had lunch in Mike and Cindy's yard afterward. A great day.

     To treat myself for my birthday, I ordered chocolates from Abdallah Candies and they were delivered very quickly. They are delicious and I intend to make them last.

     Although I've been busy with my current staining project (a wooden nightstand for my bedroom) and other tasks, I'm also very pleased with my progress on the Geren books review. Up to 55% through my first sweep of the second novel!

     2020 brings somewhat different forms of birthday celebrations. For turning 45, I couldn't go to the local art fair as I like, or treat myself out to a movie either. But I could still pick up pizza for the weekend at Domino's. And I feel quite blessed that restaurants have started reopening. That meant the wonderful Towners could treat me once again to a meal at Boca Chica. It felt a little different this year--we ate outside, masks abounded, and Mary's sister and brother-in-law were not present this time. But we quite enjoyed our meal, and then our time in Stillwater afterward, checking out a new bike/pedestrian path, walking into and out of Wisconsin on the old bridge across the St Croix, and finding out from a local resident about another neat bike trail.

     I have to express special gratitude for the weather. Aside from storms late Sunday afternoon, it's been a stretch of nice days, some quite cloudy, and most in the 70s. That made it great for getting out, doing some biking, and working in the garden too, as well as my staining project in the garage. This reprieve is going to end soon, but it was a treat while it lasted!
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