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A handful of recent blessings:

     Shortly after my last post, a small rainstorm passed and the sun came out...leading to the biggest, brightest double rainbow I've seen in years. As it was after 8 pm, it was very high. I look a lot of photos, some come slightly close to showing how amazing it was.

     Very blessed to realize that, perhaps due to the holiday, there's an extra week in the publish schedule for July. So instead of my time off putting me behind for my config work, I actually had a couple extra days to catch up with messes and work on an extra project. What a relief!

     Enjoyed birthday gifts from my coworkers Nancy and Dawn. An adorable little succulent in a lovely grey pot, from Nancy. Delicious cheesy popcorn from Dawn, and we had our free lunch together on Thursday. Quite enjoyed it!

     The hot, sticky 'high summer' weather is rolling in, renewing my intense gratitude for my wonderful portable air conditioner. And central air as well!

     I had a 6 am work meeting today (Saturday) for a migration that wound up lasting almost 4.5 hours! Glad they didn't need me for most of that time, so I could get other stuff done and try to stay in earshot of what was happening. Hopefully future migrations will be a little quicker, too!
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