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     Last year it had not been a priority when I got my new desk, but this year I was happy to find some nicer handles than the ones it came with, and get those replaced. Even happier, that the same site has some amazing ones I hope to use whichever summer I tackle the huge dresser project.

     Last weekend a treat to grab delicious fresh raspberries and cauliflower at the farmers market, along with granola, as it's been far too hot to want to make my homemade granola at present. That will tide me over!

     A blessing to have it cool enough (barely) Sunday morning to get out for an early walk in the nearby neighborhood I really like. I enjoyed the perennials and beautiful landscaping. Plenty of lilies and daylilies, hostas blooming, different types of hydrangeas, some bellflowers and honeysuckle, and to my great delight, even some balloon flowers! Also got out for a very short walk Wednesday morning--another blessing with work from home days.

     Finished my first review of my third Geren novel Tuesday, and since I had the foresight to prepare the fourth novel over the weekend, I could launch right into that with no delays. Even better, Monday I was able to work in the small expansion my editor requested, so the two changes needed are both done and I can move faster with only the minor stuff to address.

     Had a great evening with the Towners on Tuesday. Although the weather wrecked our plans of dinner out on their new deck, at least I could see the finished result. I got to give Joe his birthday gift a week early--the timing worked out nice.

     Stayed up way past my bedtime Wednesday night, since it was clear out, and was able to get a glimpse of comet Neowise. Best of all, now that I know where to look, I can see it from my guest bedroom window--no more visiting parks and being eaten by mosquitoes!
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