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Ah, such wonderful weather today. RAIN! At last, rain! And not some dratted storm that drops half-a-month's-worth in one spot and leaves everybody else still parched. No, this was 'real' rain--on and off for hours, and cloudy all day long. Wonderfully cool, too--probably didn't even make 70 F/21 C today!

     I wasn't the only one that passed a rainy afternoon by going to the movies. The 2:30 showing of The Bourne Ultimatum was packed. (And I think I dumped about a half-gallon of adrenaline in my blood, whooee were some of those scenes tense! =) I'm looking forward to adding all three movies to my DVD collection some day.)

     Delighted to finally be making progress on my fall avatar again--went to save a draft render and the program showed me my last save on that project had been in the middle of March. Wow... Anyway, great progress on the background today. Next step will be dragging Geren back into it and letting the program crashes and hair-pulling begin in earnest. Uh, maybe I'll wait a week or two for that bit...
Tags: avatars, movies
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