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Recent blessings:

     Early sweet corn at the farmers market Saturday, which I have been craving for weeks. I quite enjoyed it!

     My tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) is putting out more blooms!. I love the vivid orange; I just don't know if the orangest orange award should go to Tithonia or the orange black-eyed Susan vines!

     Saturday was a brutal roaster with dew points in the 70s and heat index well above 100. So I was yet again grateful for central air and my wonderful, portable AC. And that Sunday was cooler and that summer will get around to ending someday.

     Sunday brought upper 60s in the morning, cool enough to get out for a bike ride. I did 9.5 miles and still had plenty of time to get to the later church service, thanks to planning ahead and registering for that one instead of the earlier one. Worked great!

     Monday morning was even cooler--lower 60s and since I worked from home that day, enough time for a quick walk to a nearby park. Highlights were the albino squirrel, bald eagle that flew low overhead, and a pair of deer I walked very close to.

     Blessed that after years of searching, God led me to find a spiritual healing ministry in my area, and after weeks of waiting, I had my appointment Tuesday afternoon. It was an amazing time, even if I haven't yet reached the 'big breakthrough' I've been hoping for.
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