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So glad it's a Friday!

     To my great delight, I noticed last Saturday that the drawer pulls I'd fallen in love with for my dresser had a big price drop. I placed an order and they arrived today. Now I just have to wait for next year (hopefully) when I redo my dresser...

     This evening I finished my first sweep through the first four Geren novels--just squeaked it in under the wire on July 31st! Hopefully I can prepare to start the last review of all five novels this weekend.

     I made Cuban-style black beans this week, which served as a perfect excuse to get lunch from Afro Deli Thursday...because then I could order a side of fried sweet plantains to go with my dinners. Nothing like fried sweet plantains to put my Puerto Rican genes in a very happy place! ;)

     July is a three-paycheck month and today brought the third one. 2020 has been quite a year, but I'm grateful it also brings three months with 'extra' paychecks--years like that don't come around very often.
Tags: afro deli, geren books, moolah

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