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Long weekend joys:

     The reason I requested Monday off was because of Saturday. That brought a return visit to the Cannon Valley trail with Joe, but this time also with some of his relatives. We biked the trail from Red Wing to Cannon Falls and then back--40 miles! By far the longest bike ride I've been on, and I made it! The weather could not have been much better--mostly clear skies, little to no wind, and 60s warming to 70s. Just a gorgeous day in some gorgeous countryside and I certainly earned those cheese curds I got at Culvers!

     I've been savoring the blessing of a few days of a reprieve from hot, sticky summer--September weather in the beginning of August. Due to that, I thawed out the date bread my wonderful mother sent me for my birthday and I've been quite enjoying it.

     Since I couldn't get to the local farmers market Saturday morning with the bike ride, I was very happy to find that the farmer's stall near where I used to live is running this summer. Stopped by after church and got some delicious sweet corn, yay!

     Thanks to the cool morning Monday (upper 50s and then 60s most of the day) I tackled 'warm' chores like vacuuming and ironing without getting surly from the heat. I also got out for a walk in a neighborhood with some fancy houses I wanted to ogle, which led to walking through part of the regional park I've never been in. I'm looking forward to more return visits!

     The three day weekend was also perfect to tackle the next stage with my Geren novels--putting them all into one massive document for checking the 200+ hyphenation and capitalization rules my wonderful editor has compiled. It took more time than I anticipated, but completely worth it with how much I found to standardize. And now I'm rolling with the final, final sweep!
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