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Recent joys and blessings:

     I had a bunch of free entertainment during my work from home last week. With the usual 'haste makes waste' somebody backed up into the transformer box by my driveway. I'm very glad they didn't hit it hard enough to cut power or hurt themselves, and I was impressed by the response. The electric company was there with a truck in less than 30 minutes, inspected it, attached a chain, hoisted the cover back into place, and even straightened one of the protective metal poles that's been crooked for months. And now I have my communication strategy in place for if the power does go out while I'm working from home!

     On Thursday I treated myself to Freshii with the wonderful gift I card I got for my birthday. Thanks to some extra Costco falafel I could toss in, I got both a delicious lunch and dinner out of it!

     A big delight last week when I discovered one of the non-profits I support is set up for matching donations from my employer. I was able to use that to double a decent-sized extra donation I'd made in June, and it made our day for both of us, at least going off the lovely thank you note I received Friday!

     After a few failed attempts, I discovered fake (vegetarian) corn dogs for sale at Walmart, of all places. I've been craving them, since they are great with baked beans and sweet corn and I'm deprived of the State Fair this year. And the sweet corn is fabulous now!

     A big blessing Sunday evening while listening to an old 2017 John Eldredge podcast that was a replay of an even older 2014 recording. I feel like I've just been given a bazooka for spiritual warfare.

     Blessed to wake up just in time as a big storm rolled in at 2 am Monday morning and that I was able to evacuate my smaller flowerpots before the downpour started. Also blessed that the winds did not hit 60 mph in my area and they came at an angle where my garden did not get demolished. No hail either, whew!
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