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Recent blessings:

     I'd gotten a postcard in the mail recently that my electricity supplier was going to be upgrading all the electric meters in my area. I'd been concerned that my power would go out some day when I was working from home and probably during an important meeting, too! So to my delight, I came home from working downtown last Monday to find all my clocks flashing and a card in my door saying it was done. Whew!

     I've been having fun lately trying different routes to and from the park and ride lot. They might be a tiny bit slower, some of them, but they are also very scenic.

     Thursday morning I was blessed with an idea at work that was a win-win for a request I'd received. So thankful to God for those 'light-bulb' moments!

     On my lunch break Friday I drove over to a nearby co-op to get my homemade granola ingredients. To my delight I found they stock the lactose-free organic milk I like, since my regular grocery store recently quit carrying it. Yay!

     Friday evening I attended a belated memorial open house for my dad's cousin Margie, who died of early-onset Alzheimers and COVID-19 back in April, when the lock-down was the most severe. I'm so glad they were finally able to do something to remember her. Also blessed by God's grace, since the forecast was looking like severe storms would come through right when the memorial started, which had to be held outside due to Covid restrictions. I brought my big umbrella along as 'rain deterrent' and felt so glad that despite some lightning and thunder and splatters of rain at times, the actual band of storms didn't roll in until after 8. Also pleased by how many people came.
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