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Three-day weekend blessings:

     I got out to Trader Joe's Saturday, where I was surprised and blessed to find no line outside the store. It's much easier shopping in there when there's a limited number of people allowed. I had a great deal of fun spending the wonderful gift card I got for my birthday and I'll be enjoyed the results of that shopping for some time!

     Apple season is coming, revealed by apple sellers starting to appear at the Saturday farmers market, and this past Saturday also brought the first of the Zestar apples. On top of that, somebody else had fresh raspberries, delicious!

     My garden on my patio has been a source of learning this summer. First, little green sweat bees, since I live near habitat ideal for them--they were new to me. But more recently, the fun of seeing some big bumble bees sleeping in my dahlia flowers overnight! I should have though to take photos of them. A great chance to learn something new.

     I took Monday off because of the appealing forecast and a chance to make homemade granola when it was not so hot. But it also made my 27.5 year mark since I first 'met' t'DoL, which I've been looking forward to simply because that's the halfway point between 25 and 30 years, yay!

     Aside from making the granola which I've been quite enjoying eating and sharing, I also got out for a walk Monday morning to a part of the nearest regional park I've never explored before. Very woodsy and a bit hilly also--I'm eager to make return visits for autumn color and spring ephemeral hunting, God willing!
Tags: beloved, farmer's market, flowers, freebie, homemade granola, trader joes, walking
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